Horror Poster Exercise




PRISON   DRONES   [two generations]   [bad]  

This postcard is a prisoner’s depiction of life in the Vigil Correctional Facility in 2081.

It is a gaurdless prison run by state-of-the-art drones.  Prisoners are constantly monitored and, if necessary, disciplined with electrostatic shock. The drones use algorithms  to  predict potential riot situations, as a result inmates are denied privacy.

Mental health of in-mates is at an all time low as they cannot build any rapport with drones (as they would with other humans) so good behaviour is never recognised.


Stationary product with vintage style packaging

I am going to create an Italian art deco style packaging for a specialty ink called ‘. The context is that it is meant to be a gift.

These are some of the stand out images I found that inspired me.

moodboard for stationary itmoodboard for stationary it2moodboard for stationary it3moodboard for stationary it4greyhound.png

The direction I will probably go in is the Mondiano shape style.

italian gray hound

This is my first vector over my drawing. It needs to be refined and smoothed out in areas.  This set of images beneath is my first attempt at building a prototype.















Story Boards with amendments

Still not in the right order.


My Rough Story Boards

This is my second iteration

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I am a bit worried there are too many details that could make this run over time and be too difficult for my animators

My Timeline

The Animated Cookbook - Sheet2 (1)

IMG_20160609_134219 copy.jpg

These post it notes are my Work breakdown Structure. There are summary tasks and underneath is work packages.

Chosen style

I really like this simple line aesthetic by Joey Pasco.


WBS & Mood board

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.38.11 pmScreen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.38.03 pm


img_20160607_170344 copy

This will help make a time line.

Project Management

What is unique about my project?

I will be illustrating how to make a chocolate torte for people that think visually and want information quickly. 

What is the specific goal of my project?

To show someone how to make a chocolate torte in 30 seconds using images. 

What is the beginning and end date of the project?

2nd June- 21st June (3 weeks)

I will use an agile working method for this project.


Problem Statement:

Visual learners, and those who have trouble reading may struggle to follow a written recipe.

Project goal:

Show someone how to make a chocolate torte in 30 seconds using images.

Project Objectives:

  1. The assets, story board and titles are all due on the 21st of June
  2. The illustrated process of making a cake needs to be simple and clear
  3. The story boarded time cannot exceed 30 seconds
Group Brain storm strategies*

First, the group should ask, how well does this strategy satisfy the project objectives? One way to quickly shorten the list of contenders is to check whether a strategy satisfies all the must-have objectives.


Create an animation

Create an Infographic

Assumptions and risks

What are the risks involved?

Risk #1 The animation team are interns and might not create quality work

Highly Likely

How to mitigate this?

  1. Work closely with them and art direct well
  2. Support animation team


Assumption #1 Animation team will put the audio on our animation 3 WEEKS FROM 30TH JUNE

Assumption #2 Animation team will export our files in the format we require

Assumption #3 Animation will have the work done by week 12 EARLIER

Assumption #4 Audio will have our tracks done in week ????





-Story Boarding

-Create assets

-Create Titles

-Art Direction

-Upload finished product on the line


Out of Scope:


-Exporting video


-Mixing audio and animation

Avoid scope creep*


Identifying stakeholders*

Project customer

(Funds the project, Influences the project, Approves deliverables)

*The term stakeholder means someone who has a stake in the outcome of a project. This includes the customer, the departments affected by the project, and even the people who work on project tasks


(responsible for a project, have authority, champion a project)

Functional managers

(Achieve department goals, Manage team members)

Team Members 

(perform tasks)

Obtaining approval (before planning)

We will do this today*


Work Break down structure

To be discussed today.